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*Hifumi Takimoto*

*Hifumi Takimoto*'s PoliceRP Staff Application

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  • In Game Name
    Fat Neek
  • Are you over 16?
  • Timezone
    GMT the british one
  • SteamID
  • Discord Username
    *Hifumi Takimoto*#0002
  • Current Playtime
    0 New server
  • Do you have a working microphone?
  • How many warnings do you have?
  • Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If so why?


  • Previous Staff Experience

    I was previously admin on Aurora servers clone wars
    I was previously moderator on Aurora servers DarkRP (no longer existing)
    I was previously Senior Moderator on Liberation gaming (no longer existing)
    I was previously Moderator on Bees SWRP (no longer existing)
    I was previously an owner of a Clone wars Star wars RP server (no longer existing)

  • How much time could you spend on the server a week?
    3-7 hours a week depending on the day
  • What would you bring to our team?
    • Staff knowledge that I have built up from previous servers 
    • The ability on managing situations for example staff sits 
    • I enjoy to help out communities in any way I can.
    • I have previous Police RP experience so I want to take advantage of that to help out staff
  • Tell us about yourself!

    Ayo so my names Steven also know and Rkhora, Havoc, Barry whatever. I have previously played Police RP for a good while then I switched to SWRP. I used to be Director of Secret service, Deputy Director of United States Marshal Service and Captain of PD in other words I know my shit. 

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