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Jaeger Application 501st/VFCommander

Should i become Da commander  

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Age(14+): 15


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:553847139


Discord Name and ID: Jaeger#2862


What days can you be active throughout the week?: Most off the week depends on school


In-Game Name and Rank: PVT (Since their no one who can promote)


What Commander Position are you applying for and Why do you want to become it?(100 Word Minimum): I feel like currently the 501st feels messy from what it could potentially be.  I feel this is only the beginning, as if I was  Commander I know I could steer this regiment the few degrees it needs in order to become even greater. Besides getting a battalion active, I know how to lead.  I have big plans for the 501st as it can 100% be the strongest battalion on the server, we just need someone proficient to take charge. Another key reason why I want to be  Commander is because I want to update a few things that are outdated as well as add new documents to help better our trainings/tryouts. As CMDR I plan on listening to everyone's problems and make sure that each side gets their say, without a middle ground, arguments will go on for hours eventually leading to someone's feelings getting hurt. With my activity I plan on resolving any and all problems I see within the 501st.


What is the role of Commander?(Link this to the Commander Position you are applying for): To oversee the battalion doing any/all work behind the scenes along side the current Executive Officer. If someone from another branch has a problem, it should be brought through COC to you. The Commander should be making finalized decisions on anything relating to branch as well as an exceptional leader in combat as they are the role models.


What can you bring to the Position of Commander?: I have been the Former Shock Commander and XO in ISC, also beening higher rank in other communities, such as being a VCMDR in STs and being Shock Captain 

Do you understand that Commander is a Serious Position that Requires Commitment?: Yes


 Do you have anything else you wish to say?: Nothing else

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