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ps5offical's ImperialRP EP Application

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  • Discord Name:
  • Ingame Name
    IAC PFC 1347 Batirpan
  • Steam ID
  • Age
  • Time Zone
  • Total Time on Server
    20+ hours (not sure of the actual time)
  • What days can you be active
    monday to friday with some exceptions
  • Warns/Bans
  • Do you have a working mic, is it understandable?
  • Do you understand you cannot be a staff member on another community?
  • Why would you like to join our Event staff team (50 words minimum)?

    i want to join your event team because ever since i joined gmod, i wanted to be able to effect the community in a positive way. i really liked playing with legos and creating battlefields. now i imagine of creating the same thing with real people and with a community. people have made me have fun and joy in this server even if the player count was low and the server were not extremely active. i always also liked rolepay and games of sorts, and would really like to make it happen.

  • Do you have any previous Event Staff experience?

    none. but i wish to gain some here to help with my applications to other communities in the future.

  • Write out your first event plan including details about your event such as the map used, what happens, etc.

    our ship is deployed in a offworld planet, searching for a ancient sith holocron. .the outpost has a old ship crashed on it, date unknown. the mission is to acquire a ancient sith holocron, teachings unknown. it is reportedly in a clone wars era crashed ship. unlucky for the empire, the survivors of the crash have becomed zombies and there is a slow disease spreading. the disease starts growing like a tumor on a person. it can be removed by a risky operation, however the smallest mistake can make whether a person can walk again or not. the holocron's location is unknown, only a sith can sense it. since the holocron has been on the ship for so long, the physical strenght has degraded and is weak to explosians and heavy ordinance. there is another goal: a unit of stormtroopers and a officer has been sent on a mission from a far away outpost to recover it. unfortunately, they have failed to recover the holocron and have the disease buried in their minds. they need to be escorted to the ship and have a surgery. there were thousands of zombies but the ship's turbolasers have shot most of them. the troopers are allowed one AT-TE and one bomber to take out 200 zombies. after the mission is done, the extraction will not be easy. as it is revealed, the zombies were there to defend the holocron while the resistance prepared to destroy it. after the extraction to the main ship,  2 cruisers attack the ship. the field inbetween the ships is covered by asteroids, making it impsosible to destroy the cruisers with turbolasers. the bombers have to take it out by hand. while all the pilots are busy, a jedi knight infiltrates the ship, looking for the holocron. the sith have to defend the holocron from getting stolen. if the holocron is destroyed, mission fails. if the holocron is stolen, mission fails. and as a ending, i want to play as vader and threaten the sith lords who lost it and if they succeed, i want to congratulate them.

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Accepted for Interview

Contact Xeather within a week from now.

Not gonna lie the event isn't that good but people can learn.

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