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Levii's Event Planner Application

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  • In Game Name
    CG Haze/Levi
  • Age
  • Timezone
  • SteamID
  • Discord Username
  • Current Playtime
    Just under 4 months
  • Previous Staff Experience

    AS Admin

    AS Event Manager

    AS Server Manager

    AS Community Manager

  • Why do you want to join the Event Team?

    Would like to contribute some spare time to helping out, would enjoy doing a few planetaries. It allows me some time to do something other than spend time with regiment during planetaries and show a bit of creativeness. Alot of friends are in the EP team and I wish to reconnect with some and assist where necessary.

  • Why should you be an Event Planner?

    I have a lot of experience and feel that its being wasted not using some of my time to contribute towards a team. I would like to help a CW team and feel EP team is most important as I have always previously said. I can do planetaries, operations and base attacks (have never been a fan of doing passives) with ease and can even find ways to turn my planetaries into operations. Whilst not doing this, can happily help other EPs with their endeavors and provide another opinion on suggestions and such.

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event

    Base Attack - Mandolorian Kidnapping

    CIS attack main base with alot of forces, they attack the FOBs, AHB and MHB/LS. Forces strong enough to overrun the Republic but are eventually help off. I would request two ECs to play as Commando Droids and make attempts to take turns after every death to take a room of interest such as RR, Medbay, Server Room/ATC, brig etc. After them ultimately failing and remainder of CIS forces are destroyed. Nearby Mandolorians will hear of the attack and speak in RP with CIS command wishing for an opportunity to impress them. Mandolorians understand that rather than attempting to gain info from multiple rooms they can get all the info they need from an AC member. They make an attempt to enter main base whilst on BS1 without using cloaks and will attempt to kidnap an AC member without being seen. If they are unsuccessful we can send in the 2 ECs and myself as a trio of mandolorians to attempt to put up a fight, if they are successful then we can enter a hostage situation at an FOB and when the Republic have us surrounded, CIS send reinforcements keeping all other troops busy whilst 104th negotiate. 

    Can turn this into a planetary by having a mando escape with stolen info and planning to sell it to CIS, or maybe the mandos can escape planet with kidnapped AC.

    Can turn this into an operation by having both of the above happen but two different planets.

  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?

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Welcome to the EP team! A mentor will contact you as soon as possible. Got any questions? feel free to ask.


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