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S̷h̷a̷d̷o̷w̷'s Regimental Model

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  • Custom Job Name
    Lore Char Fives/Jesse + ARC
  • Discord Name
    501st Commander Rex
  • Regiment/Group
  • Upload Reference (See Above)
  • Head Slot
  • Head Attachment
  • Helmet Sunvisor (If Applicable)
  • Shoulder Slot
    ARC Pauldron
  • Back Slot
    ARC Backpack
  • Torso Slot
    ARC Chestplate
  • Waist Slot
  • Anything Else?

    Fives: We are trying to change the shoulders from blue with blue stripes to white with blue stripes. ARC pauldron to made grey from blue. The stripes on the boots need to go all the way around, and the white stripe on the kneecap need to be removed. Elbow pads need to have his dark blue stripes removed. We aren't sure for the head attachment on which one is the ARC antenna.
    ARC: Also the ARC Backpack needs to be added to all ARC jobs.
    Jesse: Needs to have his shoulder from blue to white with a blue stripe. 

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