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tWoFaCeD | WeEb

Regimental Model Request's Regimental Model

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  • In-Game Name
    DU CO Doom
  • Discord Name
    tWoFaCeD | WeEb#6516
  • Regiment/Group
    Dooms Unit
  • Upload Reference (See Above)
  • Head Slot
  • Head Attachment
    Heavy Armouring
  • Helmet Sunvisor (If Applicable)
  • Shoulder Slot
    Normal Pauldron
  • Back Slot
  • Torso Slot
    ARC Chestplate
  • Waist Slot
  • Anything Else?
    Use reference image 2 (missing head) Mainly green body with orange stripes on chest and arms Demolition insignia on both shoulder pads Brown belt and legs White inside pads Black inner coating Full ARC body parts (Chest plate, arms and legs.) Shoulder antenna (edited)

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