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tWoFaCeD | WeEb

tWoFaCeD | WeEb's Jedi vs Sith Staff Application

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  • In Game Name
  • Age
  • TimeZone
  • Steam ID
    Steam ID: 76561199141715179
  • Discord Name
    tWoFaCeD | WeEb#6516
  • Current Playtime
    3w 6d 10h ??m
  • Previous Experience
    Currently Senior Event Planner within The Clone Wars Aurora Server, in which I do events Like Passives, Planetary and Missions for Regiments etc.
  • Why do you want to join the entertainment team?
    I wish to join JvS myself as a player so being apart of the Entertainment Team would also add to my Experience to this type of thing, that and I really enjoy doing events for people.
  • What can you bring to the team? Why should you be apart of the team?
    I can bring a lot of Time and Dedication to the server, in which I will add the time to make quality events. I can bring the ability to learn new things to better myself as well as the will to try and do new things for the server.
  • Are you able to learn new skills / tools?
  • How good are you with people?
    I would say I'm very good with people, Valid it takes time to get used to them and understand them, but id say I'm very approachable in which allows me to get along with people... that and I Understand people.
  • Are you able to work around player made decisions and improvise when needs be?
  • Provide an example of a medium sized quest for any faction, please talk about the plot, player made decisions, how it will be done and whats needed etc
    Mandalorian Siege

    The Mandalorian's have been tasked with the taking an outpost by siege, claiming its land for their own gaining Resources such as Food, Minerals and Land Space to expand their Garrison of Warriors. The Land can be owned by Non-Force Users/Force Users in which the Mandalorian's will battle it out to take it, which can include the other faction to take part also, so in a sense it mostly relies on how the players play in which determines the out come. So if the Mandalorian's beat most of the defenders then they therefor claim the land and if the Defenders win then The Mandalorian's Must retreat. The event will mostly rely on myself in building this said land which suits the defenders since at this moment will be there land as well as other small pieces and the rest is left for the players.
  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position.

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