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Kazuto Kanzaki

Kazuto Kanzaki's Builder Application Form

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  • Discord Username with tag (username#1234)
    Kazuto Kanzaki#9632
  • Minecraft username
  • Do you have a Mic for discord
  • What country do you live in
    North Wales. UK
  • How much Experience, so you have as a Minecraft builder (in Months/years)
    Few years
  • How many hours are you able to place into being a builder
    As much as needed
  • Are you able to work Independently and in a group
  • Are you able to build without supervision
  • Why do you want to be a builder on Aurora Servers Minecraft
    To help out the severly overworked builders
  • How would to rate your World edit knowledge
  • What build styles can you use. (medieval, modern, steampunk, etc)
  • What structures have you made in Minecraft (please send images to Sean_Rendo#0002 on discord)

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