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ID's Custom Job Applications

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  • In Game Name
    501st TAC SB SPC 1137 Sketch
  • In Game Playtime
    4D 17H 9M
  • Which package are you buying? And has it been paid for?
    Costume job and no
  • Discord name
  • Steam-ID
  • Custom Job Name
  • Job/Character Background

    Trained like all the other clones on kamino. Sketch was a 'Personel' clone he keept things he got [Not a thief] he keept his armor OFC. he made sure it was battle ready the same with his weapons sins Phase II came he accepted the armor but never used it he keept his armor and weapons for a reason the battle, Mission, Tasks, ECT,

  • Wanted Weapon

  • Wanted Equipment
  • Wanted Model
  • Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating?
Edited by ID
Weapon change [Agian] / History change / Equiment Change

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You will need perms from the RC CO to be able to be given these weapons, please get these perms and copy a screenshot of it in here. The current RC CO is Filed


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