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CloneWarsRP Ban Appeal's Ban Appeal

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  • In Game Name
  • Discord Username
  • Banning member of staff
  • How long is the ban?
  • Reason for Ban

    MRDM, Mass FailRP, NITRP, Minge. I shot levi and another ac in the head didnt kill them. Abused CG equipment didnt use them on anyone. Went on the server to just joke around no intent to rp. 

  • Why should you be unbanned?
    I came on messing around. Got carried away and at the time i thought it wasnt that big of an offence. untill i got permbanned by acident. I didnt realise what i was doing was that serious. The summer holidays have come and im bored nothing to do so i thought i could go back to swrp for a bit.

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Your appeal has been Accepted

Try to be aware of this in future, and avoid breaking these rules again.
Unless the server is in downtime (Seen in the status top-right) you can be warned/banned for these offences.

Be aware that breaking any of these rules in future may result in harsher punishments.

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