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PAC3 Rules

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Aurora Servers PAC rules.

1) You can only use a responsible amount of props/effects on your model.

2) No using PAC to give yourself higher-level clearance cards.

3) Only PAC weapons you own in your loadout onto your character.

4) Do not use PAC to gain an IC advantage e.g cloaking or making a model smaller.

5) All PAC changes,ust make sense in an IC/RP perspective.

6) Do not use PAC to use a different player model (Unless authorised by HOS+)

7) No playing music, sound effects via PAC.

8 ) No capes.

9) Only Jedi and civilians can use hoods.

10) You are only allowed to scale yourself with permission from Superadmin+ (Clones can not change scale)

11) Do not use the PAC camera to access private areas or eavesdrop.

12) Pets- Can only be authorised by HOM+, all pets must be lore-friendly and from the SW universe.

13) Do not use PAC to display images or banners. Unless its promoting your regiments for try-outsĀ and so on

14) All animations must look natural, and make RP/Lore sense, these animations can be used to blind people.

15) All-natural changes like prosthetic must be undertaken in RP, they can not magically appear.
Important notes:

AS senior management reserve the right to update these rules without notice.

AS staff reserve the right to disable PAC in-game to reduce lag.

Breaking of these rules can lead to package strikes and potentially a blacklist from using PAC

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