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Dr.Ze's Custom Job Applications

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  • In Game Name
    DU CO Shield
  • In Game Playtime
  • Which package are you buying or paid for?
  • Steam-ID
  • Custom Job Name
  • Job/Character Background

    Dr.Ze Republic Special Operative, Two years before he joined the republic he lived with his mother, Lea. On Alderaan, When the CIS Invaded Dr.Ze’s Father was murdered. Dr.Ze also known as Felix, Had the urge to get revenge for his father. Leaving his mother on Alderaan to go to a Republic Recruitment Center. The Recruitment officer told Felix he wasn’t old enough to join in the fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Being 19 years old, Felix decided to make a fake identification card, By going to an entirely new recruitment centre he get accepted into the Republics training program. Instead of becoming a Fleet Recruit like most Human recruits, He decided to go into the Army. Upon arrival to Kamino, he joined Clone Force 63, The Squad wasn’t too fond of each other. Barely passing the simulations on Kamino. Felix was send pulled out of the Clone Force, At this point, Felix thought he failed the training course. Instead, he was being put into the Special Operations Squad. A single operative, Stealth, Efficiency, But most importantly. Loyal.

    Felix, Now known as Dr.Ze in the Republic Military Force, Had been on 21 different missions, Assassinations, Hostage Rescue, etc. During his twenty-second mission, he found himself deployed with the Anaxes Garrison. Now attempting to hold back ever-growing CIS forces. If Dr.Ze ever got revenge for his Fathers death……………….... Is only known by the Force.

  • Wanted Weapons








  • Wanted Equipment

    Grappling Hook



    Hex Shield


  • Wanted Model
  • Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating?
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Posted (edited)

Model is over 50mbs but seems to be a pack with multiple models in. Have to see if FXO can pull the model you want so I presume he will have a chat with you

Note for FXO - Has emperor, paid difference for Emperor plus, made a custom donation of £15 just now.


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