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Custom Job/Model Guidelines

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Job Creation Rules:

Please Note only Clone can be made to look how you want! Not Jedi's (Find Jedi models from the workshop)
1) Your character must be relevant to star wars.
2) Your character can either be part of the Republic Army or The Jedi Order.
3) All Jedi will respond to the Jedi Council.
4) All Republic Army characters will respond to AC.
5) Please note only characters that are a Jedi order can only get a Lightsaber.
6) If your model is the same colour of a regiment you will most likely be assigned to the regiment with a similar colour.
7) Your character can have specialised equipment only if you've been trained already (Explosives, regimental equipment, flamethrower etc).
8) Please note if you intend for your role to have a high rank you will have to earn that rank within the Republic Army or the Jedi Order.
9) You will be restricted to 2 guns & 2 pieces of equipment It costs £5 for either extra weapon or equipment to be added on. 

10) You can only have one model made, you can't have 2 models made or pay anymore for another model. If you wanted to edit your model or change it up you must pay a fee depending on how much you're wanting!

11) Must look like a light side character/Jedi if you're wanting to be a Lightsaber wielder.

12) No Jetpacks or invisibility unless trained to use the equipment! And for invisibility you're only allowed 10 seconds not unlimited. 

13) Use of weapons within the "Rebal" Category on the server require prior permission to use (Rebal weapons managed by Memeti).

1) Aurora Servers reserve the right to altar these rules at any point without prior or after notice.
2) By Default a faction cannot be created but can be discussed with Fxo. If accepted each player who is wanting to join MUST pay for their own job. AC over-rule all things to your said faction end of.
3)There is a 50mb limit on models from the workshop.
4) 1 Custom jobs per person.

5) The model must be allowed to be reuploaded into one of our packs if it says at the bottom DO NOT REUPLOAD sorry we cant accept it

Buying Process:

1) The user who wants the custom job must fill out a form here: Custom Job Application

2) You must pay the custom job pricing and the process of making will begin.

3) A senior member of staff will contact them telling them that the job is either acceptable or unacceptable be it for inability to make what they want, overpowered request or breaking a custom job rule.

4) Both the staff member and the user will talk about their job and discuss any outlying details about the job to make sure both parties are happy and agree on any changes or additional rules/requests as well as making sure the user knows all the rules associated with the purchase.

5) Accept the terms on the store & User must pay the donation fee.

6) The users job should be added upwards of 2 weeks days of payment.

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