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  1. OOC: Age(14+): 17 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:147600559 Discord Name and ID: Bannana_Handcock2.0#0052 What days can you be active throughout the week? - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday IC: In-Game Name and Rank: Shock MT PFC 1195 Hancock Why do you want to join the Imperial Navy?(100 Word Minimum): Naval is pretty fun honestly, the professionalism and roleplay aspect that comes with Naval is something that other regiments don't, or are unable to provide. Being in navy is something very different when compared to a trooper's daily life; In a attack, you aren't fighting the same way a trooper is, you are manning a behemoth of a ship. The Turbo Lasers, the aspects of manning a ship only using your RP and knowledge of fleet combat increases the skill cap rather than just can you move good, and can you shoot good. I have had previous experience in Navy and every time I have been within it, I have improved and loved the regiment. What can you bring to the Imperial Navy?: I can bring activity and new ideas to the plate that could improve the regiment. What are the roles of Imperial Navy?: The role of the imperial Navy is to man the ship, and oversee the day to day activities of the ship. Do you understand that the Imperial Navy is a Serious Position which requires a Serious Commitment?: Yes Do you have anything else you wish to say?: I look forward to the result of the application.
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