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  1. In Game Name Jedi Palawan Kodashi In Game Playtime Idk like 2 weeks Which package are you buying or paid for? Custom Job Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:86464875 Custom Job Name Jedi Edward Job/Character Background Edward Eleyshe is human from Naboo born in 44 bby to an engineer/inventor. He is a descendant of the ancient Zakuul race and upon discovering his ancestry devoted a lot of his time to studying the history of the Zakuul. He was recognised at an early age to be force sensitive by the Jedi and was taken into the order. He was allowed by the Jedi order to continue research into the history and technology of the Zakuul. He has retrieved many artefacts dating back to the Eternal Empire and when he became a padawan he fashioned a mask reminiscent of the Zakuul Scion that he could use to interact with the technology around him. His mask acts as a HUD and it can connect to technology as a datapad would. He has a great interest in the history of the galaxy and in the nature of dark side users. He seeks to understand why individuals fall to the dark side and to discover ways of bringing them back to the light. His father was killed during the siege of theed and all of his work was later given to Edward Wanted Weapons Personal Lightsaber Wanted Equipment N/A Wanted Model models/player/swtor/arsenic/topher/male_scion.mdl https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1321970863 Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  2. In Game Name 501st ARCT-49 PFC Tusk Age 16 Timezone GMT Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198133195478/ Discord Username Joe.C#9753 Current Playtime I can’t find this rn uh like a over a few weeks Previous Staff Experience I was an event planner on Allied Roleplay and A Star Wars rp server. I was also an event planner and senior event planner on Aurora Servers/GalacticNetworks Why do you want to join the Event Team? Because I enjoy making events and I want to help make fun events for the people on the server. I’ve taken a break from making events for a while now and I’m feeling creatively able to get back into the swing of things Why should you be an Event Planner? I am relatively creative and I actively enjoy making events and helping in other people’s events. I work well with others when making events and I hope I can get on well with the rest of the EP team. I am also hard working and I have experience making events from the past. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event The Second Invasion of Naboo The Galaxy is in turmoil and the dreaded CIS have invaded naboo and captured theed. They have the city under complete lockdown and any attempts to contact the civilians inside have failed. The base at Anaxes are the only ones available to help liberate the city. They must assault the city, recapture the republic outpost and free the people of theed. The large naboo map will be used and the players will spawn at the northern outpost from which they will gain access to a TX. They will have to formulate a plan to invade the city. They will most likely send RC to extract the queen of naboo whilst the main force invaded the city and goes up against the separatist force. They will meet heavy opposition but will eventually reach the inner city and they will have to negotiate with the CIS general for the release of a group of civilians. it is during this negotiation that it will be revealed that in a last ditch effort the General had bombs planted across theed which must be defused. After he is dealt with and the city is secure the clones must hold off against a last wave of separatist forces before returning to the landing site and leaving. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
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