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  1. In Game Name DU CO Shield In Game Playtime Which package are you buying or paid for? EMPEROR RANK [TIER 4+] Steam-ID STEAM_852118230:0: Custom Job Name Dr.Ze Job/Character Background Dr.Ze Republic Special Operative, Two years before he joined the republic he lived with his mother, Lea. On Alderaan, When the CIS Invaded Dr.Ze’s Father was murdered. Dr.Ze also known as Felix, Had the urge to get revenge for his father. Leaving his mother on Alderaan to go to a Republic Recruitment Center. The Recruitment officer told Felix he wasn’t old enough to join in the fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Being 19 years old, Felix decided to make a fake identification card, By going to an entirely new recruitment centre he get accepted into the Republics training program. Instead of becoming a Fleet Recruit like most Human recruits, He decided to go into the Army. Upon arrival to Kamino, he joined Clone Force 63, The Squad wasn’t too fond of each other. Barely passing the simulations on Kamino. Felix was send pulled out of the Clone Force, At this point, Felix thought he failed the training course. Instead, he was being put into the Special Operations Squad. A single operative, Stealth, Efficiency, But most importantly. Loyal. Felix, Now known as Dr.Ze in the Republic Military Force, Had been on 21 different missions, Assassinations, Hostage Rescue, etc. During his twenty-second mission, he found himself deployed with the Anaxes Garrison. Now attempting to hold back ever-growing CIS forces. If Dr.Ze ever got revenge for his Fathers death……………….... Is only known by the Force. Wanted Weapons as_a28srb Sniper: as_iqa11 Wanted Equipment Grappling Hook realistic_hook Hex Shield weapon_hexshield Wanted Model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2268059135&searchtext=commander Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  2. +1 Has fun and good trainings in DU. Sure he would be a good Event Planner!
  3. In Game Name Shield Age 19 Timezone GMT +1 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130689374/ Discord Username Dr.Ze Current Playtime 1w 6d 20h 52m Previous Staff Experience Hello, I have been playing Garry Mod for a while now but i dont have any Staff Experience in any Gmod server but would like to learn and get this experience. In Real Life I am a owner of a Youth Center / Cafe. So there I must say I have a lot of Staff Experience. But I love to have a new experience in helping the server out in any way possible. Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples Random Death Match is where a player kills another player without any valid reason to do this. 1. A CT joins the server with a couple of other CT's. They all are pretty new to this "RP" and wants to have some fun. Without reading the server rules they go and have a look on our Base in Anaxes. They come in a situation where they start minging around and starts shooting and killing a 212 trooper in Main Hanger Bay. 2. A RC Trooper and a DU Demolition Trooper are having a argument over a Bomb Defusal that happened in the Planetary. Without talking to AC about the issue they start arguing about this bomb defusal. The RC member gets very mad and frustrated so he starts opening fire on the DU member. He kills the Trooper that leads to a RDM. Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples FailRP is when a player fails to there Roleplaying. This can be in a lot of different situations. 1. A Dooms Unit Trooper who has been playing for a week joins the Demolition Specialization. The DU Trooper gets access to Detpacks at this point. He jumps from the second floor in the base and a CG start running after him to arrest him and he gets the idea to throw 1 or more Detpacks on the CG so he gets stuck and can't walk anymore so the DU Trooper can get away. 2. On a normal day in Anaxes 91st gets Mission to go to farm and see whats happening there because of a Stress call. On the way to farm they encounter some CIS droids. One of the 91st Trooper doesn't take cover and runs in the middle of road infront of the droppods. he start Spinning, Shooting, Singing, Dancing (emotes),... in front of the droids/droppods. In this case The trooper is failing to Roleplay. Why would you like to join our staff team? I joined the server together with some friends who all left unfortunately. I kept playing because I love this server and love to see how its growing. I have been playing the server for a good while now and would love help moderating the server in any way possible. (Most of the time when I dont need to go to school, I play pretty long at night and see that the NA player base is getting there faster and faster. At this times I can help the new troopers or server in general for any NA players.) Thank you, Dr.Ze (DU XO Shield) Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community? Yes Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank just the VIP benefits you will be removed? Yes
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