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  1. OOC: Anarky Age(14+):17 Steam ID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065882446/ Discord Name and ID: Anarky#6493 What days can you be active throughout the week?: I mostly work on the weekends from saturday-Monday so anytime after I'm free IC: Anarky In-Game Name and Rank: TK PVT 8682 Anarky What Commander Position are you applying for and Why do you want to become it?(100 Word Minimum): The 501st Leigon (Vaders Fist) is an Elite fighting force Directly serving under Darth Vader. They do the heavy lifting when it comes to combat and they get down and dirty. Getting right into the thick of it and only coming out with scratches and bruises and nothing more. I want to be the commander for this regiment because I believe that I have the experience and the will necessary to keep this regiment up to the standards that are expected out of the 501st. I've been in the starwarsrp community for little over 5 years I know what can make or break a battalion. I can adapt to combat situations very easily. I can think of battle strategies on the spot as well as to plan out a cohesive, well thought out tactics which are necessary to win any war or combat scenario. What is the role of Commander?(Link this to the Commander Position you are applying for): They should act respectful towards their peers and subordinates. Not treating them like a object but as a person that you have to lead and motivate to get the mission done to perfection. It’s your decisions that could either get your men killed or getting your task done. You have to be able to think about the situations and be accountable for your men and they’re actions, Your actions and behavior reflect on how your regiment will behave and perform. They should be able to be flexible and adapt to any combat situation that comes their way with what they have available to them. Even if it doesn’t fit they’re job description. What can you bring to the Position of Commander?: I can bring a respecful and opened minded individual. Who can think on their feet and can take suggestions and criticism without immediately going on the defense. I know that what I say and how I act can have a big impact on how my troopers will as well which a lot of people I’ve seen in officer positions seem to not posses. I don’t care about the bragging rights and if I get promoted or not. I just want to make my regiment the best it can be. My rank doesn’t mean anything if I can’t show for it. Do you understand that Commander is a Serious Position that Requires Commitment?:Yes Do you have anything else you wish to say?: I know most of you don't know me and I'm a private gunning for a CO position. But I promise you. If I get this position. I know I won't disappoint
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