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  1. This application is denied due to 1 reason. You could not handle Charlie saying hardly anything and that made your decision to stay within the community. I can't imagine how you would handle being a commander if you can't handle someone who doesn't really play and get hurt over it so sorry but your application is denied
  2. Title/Prefix Rules Warning: These rules can be updated at any time so it is suggested to regularly check back here! Rule Section 1) No Offensive names. 2) Only Management+ Can approve of your Title or Prefix 3) Advertisement is not tolerated under any circumstances. Don't Advertise stuff in your name! 4) Attempting to cause harm or damage to the server or community is not tolerated under any circumstances. 5) Abusive words to any community member is not tolerated. Breaking the rules could follow up with a Warning, Ban & Removing your Title or Prefix!
  3. Aurora Servers PAC rules. 1) You can only use a responsible amount of props/effects on your model. 2) No using PAC to give yourself higher-level clearance cards. 3) Only PAC weapons you own in your loadout onto your character. 4) Do not use PAC to gain an IC advantage e.g cloaking or making a model smaller. 5) All PAC changes,ust make sense in an IC/RP perspective. 6) Do not use PAC to use a different player model (Unless authorised by ServerManager+) 7) No playing music, sound effects via PAC. 8 ) No capes. 9) Only Sith and civilians can use hoods. 10) You are only allowed to scale yourself with permission from Superadmin+ (Troopers can not change scale) 11) Do not use the PAC camera to access private areas or eavesdrop. 12) Pets- Can only be authorised by ServerManager+, all pets must be lore-friendly and from the SW universe. 13) Do not use PAC to display images or banners. 14) All animations must look natural, and make RP/Lore sense, these animations can be used to blind people. 15) All-natural changes like prosthetic must be undertaken in RP, they can not magically appear. Important notes: AS senior management reserve the right to update these rules without notice. AS staff reserve the right to disable PAC in-game to reduce lag. Breaking of these rules can lead to package strikes and potentially a blacklist from using PAC
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