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  1. As for your weapons you have an extra 2 which you would have to pay an additional £10 if you wasn't aware its £5 each per extra weapon or equipment. assuming youve read the rules
  2. Are you able to provide us the model code of the yellow and white one please?
  3. This isnt me accepting or anything but welcome back ❤️ +1
  4. Model is fine, however you need to ask permission from 104th CO for the ExoSuit and RPG are for 212th only due to people being minges with it from past Custom Jobs
  5. Looks fine to me, please bear with us due to having a lot of orders currently
  6. I think that model is way out of the boundaries for a SWRP server is there any other model you would want?
  7. Accepted please provide proof of purchase in my discord dms and youll need to be trained to use the jumppack
  8. Hey this is fine, have you purchased this? Please send a receipt or something to me via discord
  9. Model limit is 50MB you have chose a model that is 80MB
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