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  1. Name of your Nation(s): OO Discord name: Zatra#4570 Name of enemy Nation(s): Plop Reason for War: He has good items i want.....
  2. In-game name: Zeet0x Your discord name and ID: 685197211012956271 Zatra#4570 Age: 13 Why do you want to be staff? I want to become a Moderator to be able to develop the server and help in support and my brother Stealhty is a developer so I can certainly learn from him. And then I like to be a moderator What can you bring to the staff team? I can be active fast in support.and a good moderator Any previous experience? Yes I have experience from fivem servers and minecraft servers and I can manny Minecraft commads Availability per week: 10+ Hours What would you do if you suspect someone is xraying? I would kick them if they keep having it I would ban them
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