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  1. In Game Name Filed Are you over 16? Yes Timezone GMT+1 SteamID STEAM_0:1:116164099 Discord Username Filed#6065 Current Playtime N/A - It's a new server and I didn't play on the DarkRP. Do you have a working microphone? Yes How many warnings do you have? 0 Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If so why? No. Previous Staff Experience I was Event Manager on the AS Imperial RP and then Later being Server Manager. I have been staff on countless occasions of which I don't really have a list due to having around 4,000 hours and just me forgetting on how many server's I've played on lol. How much time could you spend on the server a week? Around 35 hours give or take, some weeks I may have nothing to do and hours will thus increase. What would you bring to our team? The main reason in which I am applying is because, PoliceRP interests me. I would be committed to this server in terms of activity and efficiency, ultimately meaning I can be relied on to do tasks or help out. I have played quite a lot of PoliceRP before of which I mainly played XYZ and enjoyed it thoroughly. To be specific I have around 3,900 Hours on Garry's Mod, And to most people hours could be afk or hour farming, But all my hours are my activity of me playing on servers. I am very experienced in ULX, and know my way around all the commands, like !ban, !kick, !warn, !ban steamid time. In all honesty overall I can bring an enjoyable experience to the PoliceRP by dealing with the threats to RP and Problems that appear. Tell us about yourself! First of all, I can now explain why I have a lot of time almost 5 hours per day to spending on the server, give or take, the only times I really go into the office are for meetings, which happen almost every 2 weeks for me on a Friday afternoon at around 2PM. I work in Project Management, and since I have the tools to work at home I am almost never in the office, which makes work for me much easier and stress free (I don't like noisy work environments or crowded office buildings lol), I am 21 Years old as of Recent, my Birthday was on the 29th of March and to be honest Aurora Servers is one of the best community's I've been apart of, they're always aspiring and creative, and PoliceRP seems like a great way to expand. I'd love to help out as much as I can using my experience and knowledge of various server's I've been apart of. I have been with Aurora Servers or with Fxo since his first Server which was called Eternal Gaming, then through to Galactic Networks his Second Server, and then Aurora Servers. As well as all of this, I'm a chill guy, so if you ever want to chat or hop in a voice chat and just chill out or play a different game let me know.
  2. This application has been accepted, as the only application and a clear and detailed one you are welcome into the role of 501st VF Commander, You will receive a direct message on discord shortly notifying you of Receiving Commander and Explaining the Situation that Unfolds.
  3. With Open Arms, It is my pleasure to accept this application into the Imperial Army. The application was clear in answering the questions and was carefully reviewed. You will receive a Direct Message related to your application. Accepted
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