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  1. In Game Name TonyIsTheGuy Age 28 TimeZone GMT+0 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:39318243 Discord Name TonyIsTheGuy#9809 Current Playtime 0 Previous Experience Galactic Networks - Event Planner Aurora Servers - Senior Event Planner Aurora Servers - Imperial Event Planner Prestige Alliance - Administrator / Helped/Headed Up Events. Why do you want to join the entertainment team? Well I have experience in both the most popular game modes in reference to Clone Wars and Imperial event Planning and have been following the Updates and possible release dates of the JvS server which peaked my interesting, I enjoy writing stories and doing event chains/campaigns. What can you bring to the team? Why should you be apart of the team? I believe I can bring along my Roleplay experiences mostly as a player to the team, I understand what a user might want from an event since a lot of my hours spent on SWRP was from the view of just a basic User of the server, as well as my continued experience of writing Campaigns and short stories for a multitude of events I have done. Mostly however I believe most of all I am a team player, meaning I can work well with others which I feel is the real need inside most event teams, due to most being out of communication with one another, it is one of the most important parts of working in a group. Are you able to learn new skills / tools? Yes How good are you with people? Most would say I am fairly good with people, I work in retail in real life, so conversing with People such as Customers and event staff is a needed, especially when you manage said people. Are you able to work around player made decisions and improvise when needs be? Yes Provide an example of a medium sized quest for any faction, please talk about the plot, player made decisions, how it will be done and whats needed etc Sith - An Acolyte has been rumoured to be practicing the Lightside of the Force, Members of the Sith Temple are required to find the traitor, where he is going, finding anyone that maybe sympathetic to their cause, capture, torture, then kill them for betraying the Empire. < - A lot of this would obviously be Roleplay based, with element of Lightsaber Combat, depending on when they move on the Acolyte, moving too soon will spook the Acolyte and they'd fail, jumping late will mean two Jedi EC's to come out of the surroundings and attack the group of Sith, with various consequences built to plan if anything goes sideways, Such as the Acolyte dying without Torture, bringing him back with Sith Alchemy in an attempt to involve all Classes. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position. Yes
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