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  1. Discord Username with tag (username#1234) Sweax#6026 Minecraft username March3n_ Do you have a Mic for discord No What country do you live in Australia How much Experience, so you have as a Minecraft builder (in Months/years) 5 Years How many hours are you able to place into being a builder 8+ Hours Are you able to work Independently and in a group Yes Are you able to build without supervision Yes Why do you want to be a builder on Aurora Servers Minecraft I would like to volunteer on Aurora Servers so the server can grow quickly and finish the server fast How would to rate your World edit knowledge Advanced What build styles can you use. (medieval, modern, steampunk, etc) medieval, modern, steampunk, classic, gloomy, fantasy What structures have you made in Minecraft (please send images to Sean_Rendo#0002 on discord) Sent
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