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  1. In-Game Name DU CO Doom Discord Name tWoFaCeD | WeEb#6516 Regiment/Group Dooms Unit Upload Reference (See Above) Head Slot ARF Head Attachment Heavy Armouring Helmet Sunvisor (If Applicable) No Shoulder Slot Normal Pauldron Back Slot None Torso Slot ARC Chestplate Waist Slot Kama Anything Else? Use reference image 2 (missing head) Mainly green body with orange stripes on chest and arms Demolition insignia on both shoulder pads Brown belt and legs White inside pads Black inner coating Full ARC body parts (Chest plate, arms and legs.) Shoulder antenna (edited)
  2. In Game Name Spearhead Age 17 TimeZone GMT Steam ID Steam ID: 76561199141715179 Discord Name tWoFaCeD | WeEb#6516 Current Playtime 3w 6d 10h ??m Previous Experience Currently Senior Event Planner within The Clone Wars Aurora Server, in which I do events Like Passives, Planetary and Missions for Regiments etc. Why do you want to join the entertainment team? I wish to join JvS myself as a player so being apart of the Entertainment Team would also add to my Experience to this type of thing, that and I really enjoy doing events for people. What can you bring to the team? Why should you be apart of the team? I can bring a lot of Time and Dedication to the server, in which I will add the time to make quality events. I can bring the ability to learn new things to better myself as well as the will to try and do new things for the server. Are you able to learn new skills / tools? Yes How good are you with people? I would say I'm very good with people, Valid it takes time to get used to them and understand them, but id say I'm very approachable in which allows me to get along with people... that and I Understand people. Are you able to work around player made decisions and improvise when needs be? Yes Provide an example of a medium sized quest for any faction, please talk about the plot, player made decisions, how it will be done and whats needed etc Mandalorian Siege The Mandalorian's have been tasked with the taking an outpost by siege, claiming its land for their own gaining Resources such as Food, Minerals and Land Space to expand their Garrison of Warriors. The Land can be owned by Non-Force Users/Force Users in which the Mandalorian's will battle it out to take it, which can include the other faction to take part also, so in a sense it mostly relies on how the players play in which determines the out come. So if the Mandalorian's beat most of the defenders then they therefor claim the land and if the Defenders win then The Mandalorian's Must retreat. The event will mostly rely on myself in building this said land which suits the defenders since at this moment will be there land as well as other small pieces and the rest is left for the players. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position. Yes
  3. In Game Name DU HRN-T MT SPC 9474 Spearhead Age 17 Timezone GMT +1 SteamID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199141715179 Discord Username tWoFaCeD | WeEb#6516 Current Playtime 1 Day, 18 Hours, 14 Minutes Previous Staff Experience I have no staff experience at all on gmod, but I am currently a co-host and moderator within other servers specifically on an app named amino. a small app that holds a place for those who are interested in specific communities i.e. star wars, anime, drawing and music for example. I was given the role of Welcoming committee to welcome those who join as well as to moderate the general behaviour of said members. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I was interested by the advert, I've never been able to plan events in GMOD roleplaying before but I have done event's and arc's in TEXT based roleplays. I have quite the experience when making and planning said events, and it always gives me joy when planning all these separate events. whether it be a small passive one or a whole large scale event. Why should you be an Event Planner? I believe id be a great candidate to the server as I believe I have a great advantage over the others. I am very confident and hard working with my ideas, I also have a great amount of time where I don't do much. giving me more chance to design more and more potential events daily and possibly weekly. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Metal Among Men. After the recent event of [Base-Event], AC has been sent a message from command regarding a infiltration within the base. The way things will work is that mods will model themselves as BX-Series droids but wearing the clone armour of any regiment. The main members in which will be assigned to the event will be of course CG in which would have to guard checkpoint and do scans to see metal, Jedi they will be there to assist that said BX-Droids wont potentially infest the council grounds and steal archived information, medical clones to revive and save the wounded/killed, engineers to repair the damage left by CIS. The other regiments will be moved and checked for their cards as well as to be asked to remove their helmets. The said BX-Series droids are sent to retrieve intel from commanders and even raid try-outs and such to see there battle plans. When discovered the BX-Series will cause harm either self detonation with thermal or start firing at others. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
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