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  1. Title/Prefix Rules
    Warning: These rules can be updated at any time so it is suggested to regularly check back here!


    Rule Section

    1) No Offensive names.

    2) Only Management+ Can approve of your Title or Prefix

    3) Advertisement is not tolerated under any circumstances. Don't Advertise stuff in your name!

    4) Attempting to cause harm or damage to the server or community is not tolerated under any circumstances.

    5) Abusive words to any community member is not tolerated.


    Breaking the rules could follow up with a Warning, Ban & Removing your Title or Prefix!



  2. Aurora Servers PAC rules.

    1) You can only use a responsible amount of props/effects on your model.

    2) No using PAC to give yourself higher-level clearance cards.

    3) Only PAC weapons you own in your loadout onto your character.

    4) Do not use PAC to gain an IC advantage e.g cloaking or making a model smaller.

    5) All PAC changes,ust make sense in an IC/RP perspective.

    6) Do not use PAC to use a different player model (Unless authorised by HOS+)

    7) No playing music, sound effects via PAC.

    8 ) No capes.

    9) Only Jedi and civilians can use hoods.

    10) You are only allowed to scale yourself with permission from Superadmin+ (Clones can not change scale)

    11) Do not use the PAC camera to access private areas or eavesdrop.

    12) Pets- Can only be authorised by HOM+, all pets must be lore-friendly and from the SW universe.

    13) Do not use PAC to display images or banners. Unless its promoting your regiments for try-outs and so on

    14) All animations must look natural, and make RP/Lore sense, these animations can be used to blind people.

    15) All-natural changes like prosthetic must be undertaken in RP, they can not magically appear.
    Important notes:

    AS senior management reserve the right to update these rules without notice.

    AS staff reserve the right to disable PAC in-game to reduce lag.

    Breaking of these rules can lead to package strikes and potentially a blacklist from using PAC



    Job Creation Rules:

    Please Note only Clone can be made to look how you want! Not Jedi's (Find Jedi models from the workshop)
    1) Your character must be relevant to star wars.
    2) Your character can either be part of the Republic Army or The Jedi Order.
    3) All Jedi will respond to the Jedi Council.
    4) All Republic Army characters will respond to AC.
    5) Please note only characters that are a Jedi order can only get a Lightsaber.
    6) If your model is the same colour of a regiment you will most likely be assigned to the regiment with a similar colour.
    7) Please note if you intend for your role to have a high rank you will have to earn that rank within the Republic Army or the Jedi Order.
    😎 You will be restricted to 2 guns & 2 pieces of equipment It costs £5 for either extra weapon or equipment to be added on. 
    9) You can only have one model made, you can't have 2 models made or pay anymore for another model. If you wanted to edit your model or change it up you must pay a fee depending on how much you're wanting!
    10) Must look like a light side character/Jedi if you're wanting to be a Lightsaber wielder.

    Equipment/Weapon Blacklist:

    Any weapon/equipment listed here may not be requested for a custom job.
    1) Anti-materiel rifle
    2) Tano Quad Blaster (Standard version is fine to be used)
    3) ARC Westar (Normal variant is fine to use)
    4) Infinite cloak (A 30 second version may be requested)
    5) DC-17 and all attachment forms (Request use from RC CO)
    6) Any weapon within the "rebal" category
    7) Any equipment that grants extra equipment including the AC Armour SWEP and the Jugggernaut SWEP.

    1) Aurora Servers reserve the right to altar these rules at any point without prior or after notice.
    2) By Default a faction cannot be created but can be discussed with Fxo. If accepted each player who is wanting to join MUST pay for their own job. AC over-rule all things to your said faction end of.
    3)There is a 50mb limit on models from the workshop.
    4) 1 Custom jobs per person.

    5) The model must be allowed to be reuploaded into one of our packs if it says at the bottom DO NOT REUPLOAD sorry we cant accept it

    Buying Process:

    1) The user who wants the custom job must fill out a form here: Custom Job Application

    2) You must pay the custom job pricing and the process of making will begin.

    3) A senior member of staff will contact them telling them that the job is either acceptable or unacceptable be it for inability to make what they want, overpowered request or breaking a custom job rule.

    4) Both the staff member and the user will talk about their job and discuss any outlying details about the job to make sure both parties are happy and agree on any changes or additional rules/requests as well as making sure the user knows all the rules associated with the purchase.

    5) Accept the terms on the store & User must pay the donation fee.

    6) The users job should be added upwards of 2 weeks days of payment.


    Server Rules
    Warning: These rules can be updated at any time so it is suggested to regularly check back here!


    Rule Section 1 - General Rules

    1) Racism | Homophobia | Sexism is not tolerated under any circumstances.

    2) Staff word is final in all circumstances, if you feel they are wrong you can report it to a staff supervisor.

    3) Advertisement is not tolerated under any circumstances.

    4) Use of hacks or exploits are not tolerated under any circumstances.

    5) Attempting to cause harm or damage to the server or community is not tolerated under any circumstances.

    6) Abuse to any community member is not tolerated.

    7) Erotic Roleplay is not tolerated.

    😎 All regimental Discord should be owned by Fxo. Do not make another unless Fxo has ownership and you have admin to do you edits and changes, but this shouldn't be needed when you get edit the current discords already!


    Rule Section 2 - Roleplay Rules

    1) You must listen to your Commander at all times.

    2) You cannot see cloaked people by using your hud.

    3) You are not allowed to bring Out-Of-Character messages into character.

    4)  You must follow the Golden | Silver | Bronze rules at all times.

    5) Staff will only intervene with roleplay if they need to.

    6) You must follow your mission objective when in events.

    7) You must ask permission to spawn in vehicles before spawning them at all times.

    8 ) If no Army Command are online the highest ranking takes On-Duty.

    9) Promotions must be done while on the server (In-Character). You can only be promoted once a day but Army Command may promote people twice a day.

    10) You cannot use taze or use force heal on event characters.

    11) Self-Promoting is not tolerated under any circumstances.


    Rule Section 3 - Definition Of Warning Reasons

    Fail RP - Fail RP stands for Fail Roleplay - This is when you do something which either disturbs roleplay or break roleplay. An example of this would be: Dancing while on the front line in front of a TX-130.

    RDM - RDM stands for Random Death Match - This is when you kill another player for no reason. An example of this would be: Walking up to AC and shooting them in the face for fun.

    ARDM - ARDM stands for Attempted Random Death Match - This is when you attempt to kill another player for no reason. An example of this would be: Shooting another trooper before being stunned or taken away by an Admin

    NLR - NLR stands for New Life Rule - This is when you die and go back to an area in which you just died. An example of this would be if a 212th trooper was killed in the reactor room and then went straight back to the reactor room when they respawned.

    LTAP - LTAP stands for Leave To Avoid Punishment - This is when you leave to avoid a punishment which you are either getting in character or out of character. An example of this would be: PVT Jimmy killed a player for no reason (RDM) and was brought into a staff sit, once he saw the scary staff member he disconnected, this would be LTAP.

    ERP - ERP stands for Erotic Role Play - This is when you are roleplaying in an exotic way. An example of this would be: PVT John took Ahsoka back to his bunks and did something inappropriate. This would be Exotic Role Play.

    NITRP - NITRP stands for No Intent To Roleplay - This is when you are refusing to roleplay. An example of this would be: PVT Dave couldn't be bothered to do a mandatory training so said shove it in ooc and went to his bunks. This would be NITRP.

    Rest of the warning reasons are self-explanatory, if you are still confused about a warning reason contact a member of staff by making a ticket in our discord.


    Rule Section 4 - Character lives

    To make it clear Paladin Tier 2+ all have 2 character Lifes. This means 1 Trooper Life & 1 Jedi Life. Until we have a proper system these rules may change.


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