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  1. In Game Name AC CI SSGT Aron In Game Playtime 1m 1w 1d 19h 40min Which package are you buying? And has it been paid for? MVP + (paid/gifted) Discord name Aron#4491 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:193089922 Custom Job Name Army Command Aron Job/Character Background Human Male recruited into the Republic Army Command Program. Wanted Weapons as_dc17m as_rps6 (Want to get as_dc17maa but got told I need to ask for permission) Wanted Equipment weapon_exo alydus_fortificationbuildertablet Wanted Model Army Command Models Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  2. In Game Name Breakdown Age 14 Timezone GMT +1 SteamID STEAM_0:1:193089922 Discord Username Aron#4491 Current Playtime 3w 6d 7h 7m Previous Staff Experience I've been staff on a couple of servers, Some of which are no longer operating. I was staff on about 4 other servers such as MVG, RTG, GN and one which I forgot the name of. On all of these servers except RTG I've reached the rank of Moderator, On MVG I reached admin aswel. Not very long before it shut down though. On RTG I had Trial Moderator. Sky big owned that community, Not for very long anyways. Why do you want to join the Event Team? Recently with school being less annoying and time-wasting, I’ve had a lot more free time. I get bored pretty often in earlier times on the server. Being able to do fun stuff for myself and others on the server is a win-win in my opinion. Not only am I able to do stuff during earlier times but a lot of the time I stay on pretty late too. As Well as being to do attacks I also like doing passive events, There has been a lack of passive events which can build the story for another bigger event. I’ve only seen an actual big story in most campaigns or sometimes an operation. I understand making a story for a single event isn’t always necessary but for most planetaries having a story would be a lot more fun and understanding as to what you're trying to accomplish. Why should you be an Event Planner? As I’ve said above, I find that there is a lack of passive events. I like doing passive events seeing it builds a lot of stories if done properly. A lot of the times certain passive events are hard to do, Although seeing I come from a server where passive events were almost a constant until we had broken into warfare passives, are a little easier for me to plan. I’m personally not always a fan of constant shooting and constant attacks. Of course some events I may do look like they are passive but turn out not to be so passive at all. Of Course, this won’t happen a lot because from what I’ve seen people on the server like big gun explosion event more. I’m not too bad at doing hostile events either but I’m also not the best. Basically, just someone who wants to learn how to do events more to peoples likings and add a bit more story. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event An escapee from a Separatist Lab has reached our Base, Upon arrival he attempts to establish an open comms signal requesting help from the Fort Anaxes Garrison, Once the signal has gone live the Separatists intercept the signal and begin sending forces to Fort Anaxes, As the Escapee is being brought into the base the troops can see that the escapee has been quite clearly experimented on and is severely injured. An escapee is in one of our medical facilities on the base the Separatists forces begin exiting hyperspace using the broadcasts signal as a lure. They know that the escapee has requested aid from the republic and they begin a full-frontal assault onto the base. With about 3 Munificents attacking the base and the FOBs the republic attempts to fight back the Separatists as the escapee begins to restabilize and attempts to help the Republic fend off the Separatists. As the Separatists attack the base they send in a group of Commando’s to attempt to retrieve the escapee or if required execute him. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
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