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  1. ayyyy! My boy Bubbles! Welcome to the club! I look forward to working with you! ❤️
  2. An indexed version of the rules can be found here: -= Full Police-RP Rules =- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I7I_hj9moa9yMegnXPNJYpIVvBS1ywOx-Wy-92DSVxE/edit?usp=sharing ---------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: We understand there is a lot of rules so please use the index version above to help you find specific rules. For the most part, general common sense will cover the majority of rules. General Rules [1.#]: If you feel mistreated or abused by staff, please post it on our forums with evidence. Do not RDM, MRDM, VDM, or FailRP. Strictly NO Erotic RP(ERP) or RapeRP(RRP). If you have an issue with someone please let us know by using the “@” symbol followed by your request. Do not Harass staff for money or in-game items. If you lose items, we are not required to reimburse you for your loss. Every action you make must have a legitimate RP reason. Example: Don’t randomly go on a killing spree. Do not disrespect players or staff. FearRP is in effect. Example: If someone points a gun to your head, you must comply. RP as if you fear for your life. Warnable Offenses [2.#] Do not Harass staff or players. Racism, vulgar language are not tolerated. Staff has full say in all situations. Random Deathmatching (RDM), Random Arresting (RDA), Random Car Deathmatching (CDM). (With appropriate log information.) LTAPing to a different job or quitting the server to avoid an RP situation. Killing in spawn. Propping/entity blocking in spawn. Attempting to loophole these rules. Mic spam/chat spam. Bannable Offenses[3.#] DO NOT threaten any staff, players, or the server with any actual or perceived attempts to deny access or disable the server in any way, shape, or form. Performing or attempting to perform any exploits. Advertisement of other servers. This is a permanent ban. Social media advertisement. This includes Discord. Government Weapon legality is dictated by the Firearms License System, You may never interrupt training for any faction, ALL DRUGS AND PRINTERS BY DEFAULT ARE ILLEGAL. No exceptions, Cops should not be bribed. This will extend your sentence, Advertising/Yelling You MUST yell (using /y) for carjacks, murder, mugs. You MUST Advert (using /advert) for Raids and Major raids (such as raiding the police station/OCS/bank or a player base) Major Raids A Major Raid refers to raids on the OCS Culdesac, Police Station, Prison or Jail. You must wait 15 minutes between each raid. Hostages must be released once the timer for the raid is up. You must Advertise before a raid For example: Whoever is leading the raid must type: “/advert RAID = Bank”. Then everyone participating in the raid must advertise: “/advert RAID = Assist”. Chat Rules Do not constantly swear. We allow mild swearing but sailor swearing will not be tolerated. You may not have a space in between each letter of your name. Do not have offensive names. Do not use excessive amounts of caps. Do not spam admin chat. Do not use OOC for RP reasons. Do not argue with players/staff in OOC. Only English is allowed in OOC. RP Rules: Vehicle Do NOT use police skins as non-police roles. Some skins/edits may cause flashing, due to the risk to epileptic players, please do not use these skins. Basing Max fading doors per Base is 4. For every fading door, you must use a keypad with a timer of 5 or more seconds. No more than TWO one-way props per base. You must NOT have printers/drugs or any kind of RP item/person while building sign is up. There must be at least 1 entrance to your base. Each fading door must have a keypad on each side. Do not hide keypads. They must stay in plain sight. Do not abuse fading doors (Such as double dooring). Do not build past your RP property. RP property is considered the property you purchased and the surrounding sensible area. One way props are allowed, however, you may not shoot through them. You may KOS someone if they are lockpicking/keypad cracking/shooting at your base/trespassing. (We ask that if they did not yell/advertise that you call staff after dealing with them). You MUST have KOS signs if you intend to kill on site. Raiding You must wait 5 min in between raiding. PD raids can not last longer than 10 minutes. You can NOT raid during a PD Meeting. You can NOT build during any raid. You can NOT raid if someone is building. You can NOT use any props to obstruct the path to the objective unless it is for immersive cover. When raiding, you must advertise raid and assist if you are assisting the raid. Mugging The max mug is £5k. You must wait 5 min in between mugs. Kidnapping If the person has a gun out, you can not kidnap. Do not hold anyone longer than 10 minutes. The kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes. If you are in a car and someone points a weapon at you while you are not moving, you must comply. Ransom Prices Civilian -­ £2,000 CSO­ - £5,000 PC - £7,000 Sergeant - £10,000 Inspector - £12,000 Chief Inspector -­ £15,000 Superintendent - £20,000 Deputy Chief Constable+ - £25,000 Job specific Rules: Police Listen to your superiors. You may not raid for suspected printers; You must see the items to be able to raid. Raids can only be conducted with evidence + Warrant. Corrupt cops are allowed but action can be taken against them (such as demotions, tiers and so on) You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police. Must have permission from an Inspector+ to drive unmarked During a bank raid/hostage situation, you are to secure the roads to stop vehicles passing, and alert dispatch. Civilian life takes priority. You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless Inspector+ (The highest ranking officer on scene takes control) If no Inspector+ is available then the highest Police rank takes charge). Can NOT raid bank. Can NOT raid PD. Can NOT use/own printers. Can NOT mug. Can NOT kidnap. Can NOT base. Can NOT break traffic laws (unless in chase). Can NOT abuse any weapons. Can NOT use lethal force unless they feel their life is in danger and is granted by a high rank in PD. Needs evidence to raid, evidence is seeing illegal activity/assets (such as printers, drugs and so on). Do NOT drive on the wrong side of the road. Do NOT break any laws. ONLY break NLR during bank or PD raids if there is less then 10 cops on and back up is asked for. Citizen Can NOT go on killing sprees. Citizens must use “/y murder” if they’re going to kill someone and must ensure there is an RP reason to do so. (no MRDM (3 or more kills within 5 min) Hitmen Can only kill their target. (may engage in gunfights if attempting to kill their target but MRDM is not allowed). More Information: Terminology: RDM - Random Death Match: The act of randomly killing someone without any valid RP reason RDA - Random Arrest The act of arresting someone without a valid RP reason. NLR - New Life Rule The act of returning to the point of where you died within 3 minutes of your death. Or remembering something that happened in your past life. FailRP - Failing to RP in an appropriate way. Such as Meta-Gaming or over-acting in potentially stressful situations. FearRP - You must always value your life. If someone has a gun at you, you may not pull your gun out. However, if you both already had your gun out them you may open fire. If you are outnumbered then you must surrender and put your gun away. Meta-Gaming - Transferring information from OOC to IC. You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing through a wall or using a keypad code you got from a different job or from an out of character message. OOC - Out Of Character (AKA: OC). OOC refers to everything outside of the specific roleplay server. Thus, it is out of character. An example is the OOC chat, these messages are server-wide messages and start with “(OOC)”. IC - In character, the opposite of OOC. This refers to everything inside of the specific roleplay server. This it is in character. An example is the “/me” command such as “/me surrenders”. It implies the character has surrendered.
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