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  2. In Game Name Fat Neek Are you over 16? Yes Timezone GMT the british one SteamID 76561198153306078 Discord Username *Hifumi Takimoto*#0002 Current Playtime 0 New server Do you have a working microphone? Yes How many warnings do you have? 0 Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If so why? N/A Previous Staff Experience I was previously admin on Aurora servers clone wars I was previously moderator on Aurora servers DarkRP (no longer existing) I was previously Senior Moderator on Liberation gaming (no longer existing) I was previously Moderator on Bees SWRP (no longer existing) I was previously an owner of a Clone wars Star wars RP server (no longer existing) How much time could you spend on the server a week? 3-7 hours a week depending on the day What would you bring to our team? Staff knowledge that I have built up from previous servers The ability on managing situations for example staff sits I enjoy to help out communities in any way I can. I have previous Police RP experience so I want to take advantage of that to help out staff Tell us about yourself! Ayo so my names Steven also know and Rkhora, Havoc, Barry whatever. I have previously played Police RP for a good while then I switched to SWRP. I used to be Director of Secret service, Deputy Director of United States Marshal Service and Captain of PD in other words I know my shit.
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  4. ayyyy! My boy Bubbles! Welcome to the club! I look forward to working with you! โค๏ธ
  5. Accepted! Congratulations, your application has been accepted! You will need to have a chat with myself and I will get you into your role on the server nicely!
  6. Accepted! Congratulations, your application has been accepted! You will need to have a chat with myself and I will get you into your role on the server nicely!
  7. In Game Name Filed Are you over 16? Yes Timezone GMT+1 SteamID STEAM_0:1:116164099 Discord Username Filed#6065 Current Playtime N/A - It's a new server and I didn't play on the DarkRP. Do you have a working microphone? Yes How many warnings do you have? 0 Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If so why? No. Previous Staff Experience I was Event Manager on the AS Imperial RP and then Later being Server Manager. I have been staff on countless occasions of which I don't really have a list due to having around 4,000 hours and just me forgetting on how many server's I've played on lol. How much time could you spend on the server a week? Around 35 hours give or take, some weeks I may have nothing to do and hours will thus increase. What would you bring to our team? The main reason in which I am applying is because, PoliceRP interests me. I would be committed to this server in terms of activity and efficiency, ultimately meaning I can be relied on to do tasks or help out. I have played quite a lot of PoliceRP before of which I mainly played XYZ and enjoyed it thoroughly. To be specific I have around 3,900 Hours on Garry's Mod, And to most people hours could be afk or hour farming, But all my hours are my activity of me playing on servers. I am very experienced in ULX, and know my way around all the commands, like !ban, !kick, !warn, !ban steamid time. In all honesty overall I can bring an enjoyable experience to the PoliceRP by dealing with the threats to RP and Problems that appear. Tell us about yourself! First of all, I can now explain why I have a lot of time almost 5 hours per day to spending on the server, give or take, the only times I really go into the office are for meetings, which happen almost every 2 weeks for me on a Friday afternoon at around 2PM. I work in Project Management, and since I have the tools to work at home I am almost never in the office, which makes work for me much easier and stress free (I don't like noisy work environments or crowded office buildings lol), I am 21 Years old as of Recent, my Birthday was on the 29th of March and to be honest Aurora Servers is one of the best community's I've been apart of, they're always aspiring and creative, and PoliceRP seems like a great way to expand. I'd love to help out as much as I can using my experience and knowledge of various server's I've been apart of. I have been with Aurora Servers or with Fxo since his first Server which was called Eternal Gaming, then through to Galactic Networks his Second Server, and then Aurora Servers. As well as all of this, I'm a chill guy, so if you ever want to chat or hop in a voice chat and just chill out or play a different game let me know.
  8. An indexed version of the rules can be found here: -= Full Police-RP Rules =- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I7I_hj9moa9yMegnXPNJYpIVvBS1ywOx-Wy-92DSVxE/edit?usp=sharing ---------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: We understand there is a lot of rules so please use the index version above to help you find specific rules. For the most part, general common sense will cover the majority of rules. General Rules [1.#]: If you feel mistreated or abused by staff, please post it on our forums with evidence. Do not RDM, MRDM, VDM, or FailRP. Strictly NO Erotic RP(ERP) or RapeRP(RRP). If you have an issue with someone please let us know by using the โ€œ@โ€ symbol followed by your request. Do not Harass staff for money or in-game items. If you lose items, we are not required to reimburse you for your loss. Every action you make must have a legitimate RP reason. Example: Donโ€™t randomly go on a killing spree. Do not disrespect players or staff. FearRP is in effect. Example: If someone points a gun to your head, you must comply. RP as if you fear for your life. Warnable Offenses [2.#] Do not Harass staff or players. Racism, vulgar language are not tolerated. Staff has full say in all situations. Random Deathmatching (RDM), Random Arresting (RDA), Random Car Deathmatching (CDM). (With appropriate log information.) LTAPing to a different job or quitting the server to avoid an RP situation. Killing in spawn. Propping/entity blocking in spawn. Attempting to loophole these rules. Mic spam/chat spam. Bannable Offenses[3.#] DO NOT threaten any staff, players, or the server with any actual or perceived attempts to deny access or disable the server in any way, shape, or form. Performing or attempting to perform any exploits. Advertisement of other servers. This is a permanent ban. Social media advertisement. This includes Discord. Government Weapon legality is dictated by the Firearms License System, You may never interrupt training for any faction, ALL DRUGS AND PRINTERS BY DEFAULT ARE ILLEGAL. No exceptions, Cops should not be bribed. This will extend your sentence, Advertising/Yelling You MUST yell (using /y) for carjacks, murder, mugs. You MUST Advert (using /advert) for Raids and Major raids (such as raiding the police station/OCS/bank or a player base) Major Raids A Major Raid refers to raids on the OCS Culdesac, Police Station, Prison or Jail. You must wait 15 minutes between each raid. Hostages must be released once the timer for the raid is up. You must Advertise before a raid For example: Whoever is leading the raid must type: โ€œ/advert RAID = Bankโ€. Then everyone participating in the raid must advertise: โ€œ/advert RAID = Assistโ€. Chat Rules Do not constantly swear. We allow mild swearing but sailor swearing will not be tolerated. You may not have a space in between each letter of your name. Do not have offensive names. Do not use excessive amounts of caps. Do not spam admin chat. Do not use OOC for RP reasons. Do not argue with players/staff in OOC. Only English is allowed in OOC. RP Rules: Vehicle Do NOT use police skins as non-police roles. Some skins/edits may cause flashing, due to the risk to epileptic players, please do not use these skins. Basing Max fading doors per Base is 4. For every fading door, you must use a keypad with a timer of 5 or more seconds. No more than TWO one-way props per base. You must NOT have printers/drugs or any kind of RP item/person while building sign is up. There must be at least 1 entrance to your base. Each fading door must have a keypad on each side. Do not hide keypads. They must stay in plain sight. Do not abuse fading doors (Such as double dooring). Do not build past your RP property. RP property is considered the property you purchased and the surrounding sensible area. One way props are allowed, however, you may not shoot through them. You may KOS someone if they are lockpicking/keypad cracking/shooting at your base/trespassing. (We ask that if they did not yell/advertise that you call staff after dealing with them). You MUST have KOS signs if you intend to kill on site. Raiding You must wait 5 min in between raiding. PD raids can not last longer than 10 minutes. You can NOT raid during a PD Meeting. You can NOT build during any raid. You can NOT raid if someone is building. You can NOT use any props to obstruct the path to the objective unless it is for immersive cover. When raiding, you must advertise raid and assist if you are assisting the raid. Mugging The max mug is ยฃ5k. You must wait 5 min in between mugs. Kidnapping If the person has a gun out, you can not kidnap. Do not hold anyone longer than 10 minutes. The kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes. If you are in a car and someone points a weapon at you while you are not moving, you must comply. Ransom Prices Civilian -ยญ ยฃ2,000 CSOยญ - ยฃ5,000 PC - ยฃ7,000 Sergeant - ยฃ10,000 Inspector - ยฃ12,000 Chief Inspector -ยญ ยฃ15,000 Superintendent - ยฃ20,000 Deputy Chief Constable+ - ยฃ25,000 Job specific Rules: Police Listen to your superiors. You may not raid for suspected printers; You must see the items to be able to raid. Raids can only be conducted with evidence + Warrant. Corrupt cops are allowed but action can be taken against them (such as demotions, tiers and so on) You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police. Must have permission from an Inspector+ to drive unmarked During a bank raid/hostage situation, you are to secure the roads to stop vehicles passing, and alert dispatch. Civilian life takes priority. You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless Inspector+ (The highest ranking officer on scene takes control) If no Inspector+ is available then the highest Police rank takes charge). Can NOT raid bank. Can NOT raid PD. Can NOT use/own printers. Can NOT mug. Can NOT kidnap. Can NOT base. Can NOT break traffic laws (unless in chase). Can NOT abuse any weapons. Can NOT use lethal force unless they feel their life is in danger and is granted by a high rank in PD. Needs evidence to raid, evidence is seeing illegal activity/assets (such as printers, drugs and so on). Do NOT drive on the wrong side of the road. Do NOT break any laws. ONLY break NLR during bank or PD raids if there is less then 10 cops on and back up is asked for. Citizen Can NOT go on killing sprees. Citizens must use โ€œ/y murderโ€ if theyโ€™re going to kill someone and must ensure there is an RP reason to do so. (no MRDM (3 or more kills within 5 min) Hitmen Can only kill their target. (may engage in gunfights if attempting to kill their target but MRDM is not allowed). More Information: Terminology: RDM - Random Death Match: The act of randomly killing someone without any valid RP reason RDA - Random Arrest The act of arresting someone without a valid RP reason. NLR - New Life Rule The act of returning to the point of where you died within 3 minutes of your death. Or remembering something that happened in your past life. FailRP - Failing to RP in an appropriate way. Such as Meta-Gaming or over-acting in potentially stressful situations. FearRP - You must always value your life. If someone has a gun at you, you may not pull your gun out. However, if you both already had your gun out them you may open fire. If you are outnumbered then you must surrender and put your gun away. Meta-Gaming - Transferring information from OOC to IC. You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing through a wall or using a keypad code you got from a different job or from an out of character message. OOC - Out Of Character (AKA: OC). OOC refers to everything outside of the specific roleplay server. Thus, it is out of character. An example is the OOC chat, these messages are server-wide messages and start with โ€œ(OOC)โ€. IC - In character, the opposite of OOC. This refers to everything inside of the specific roleplay server. This it is in character. An example is the โ€œ/meโ€ command such as โ€œ/me surrendersโ€. It implies the character has surrendered.
  9. In Game Name 104th ENF-T CPL 2816 Dawn In Game Playtime 1w 2h 32m Which package are you buying or paid for? custom job Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:188283440 Custom Job Name Dawn Job/Character Background ex arc trooper that joined 104th Wanted Weapons rw_sw_nt242c rw_sw_westarm5 Wanted Equipment realistic_hook weapon_hexshield Wanted Model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2052264440&searchtext=starwars+104th+model models/arf/arf_104th.mdl Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  10. In Game Name Bubbles Age No Timezone The British One SteamID STEAM_0:1:520161411 Discord Username Bubbles#4479 Current Playtime Quite a long time on the DarkRP Do you have a working microphone? Yes How many warnings do you have? 0 Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If so why? no Previous Staff Experience Moderator on AS CW Admin on AS Imperial How much time could you spend on the server a week? Around 10 hours What would you bring to our team? I have the ability to be serious and unbiased in situations where it is needed, and be able to steer away from arguments in staff situations such as sits and etc. I've been around since the first DarkRP was here and this time I think I would like to contribute more towards helping the server grow and survive, rather than just playing it. I think I've seen where the other servers have gone wrong and am willing to give feedback on it in order to better this attempt of PoliceRP. Tell us about yourself! I am Bubbles, I've been with AS for a solid year, 3 months and something at this point. I am 15 years old as of now (So not the 16 tick box) but I'd say I'm still capable of doing a good job at staffing on the PoliceRP. I am interested in the server quite a bit and so I thought I may as well help out where I can. I honestly don't want to ramble on for 100 words because I don't really have much to add on to this to be completely honest.
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  12. Accepted Congratulations you've been accepted into the event team! A mentor will contact you shortly for training you. Thank you for applying!
  13. Sorry, your application was denied for multiple reasons, to find out those reasons DM me on discord, try again whenever you feel like you're ready.
  14. In Game Name 501st WO1 1770 Ninja Age 17 Timezone CEST SteamID STEAM_0:1:164050624 Discord Username J4Y#3535 Current Playtime 55 min Previous Staff Experience I was moderator a couple of years ago when swrp peaked on a popular server named Artistic Gaming but has shut down already for a long time. and Co-owner/Head Admin of a server named Crystal networks (is also shut down) , people never had a issue/complaints with me i am very charismatic and a people person , so if players need a very friendly staff member you can count on me . Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples RDM stands for random death match Example 1 when a player is upset that they died , even for a legitimate reason Example 2 when a player randomly kills other players without valid reasons Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples FailRP stands for failing roleplay example 1 You are armed, but your weapon is holstered, another player comes up to rob you with a gun in your face. As he says hands up, you point blank draw your weapon and shoot him. That would be considered FailRP as there is no fear for your life. example 2 โ€œYou are being arrested by CG , you tell them you have a medical condition that cuts circulation to your hands while being restrained, and that it could cause a blood clot in which you would die. A CG then removes your restraints per your RP and expects you to continue RPโ€™ing with them, instead as soon as the restraints are removed you high tail it into the water and suicide Why would you like to join our staff team? i joined the server for only a bit but i already know i wanna stay here as long as possible and wanna make the best out of it Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community? Yes Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank just the VIP benefits you will be removed? Yes
  15. In Game Name 501st WO1 1770 Ninja Age 17 Timezone CEST SteamID STEAM_0:1:164050624 Discord Username J4Y#3535 Current Playtime 55 min Previous Staff Experience I was moderator a couple of years ago when swrp peaked on a popular server named Artistic Gaming but has shut down already for a long time. and Co-owner/Head Admin of a server named Crystal networks (is also shut down) , people never had a issue/complaints with me and my events always enjoyed them i put alot of effort in my events and love feedback negative or positive to always make a better experience for the players https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QpSvTXP8kWvYIK2sU1zB166oa-I2vN9bFMuEwyDZEnI/edit this is a big sim for the 501st or a event tbh never used this so yh Why do you want to join the Event Team? i put allot of effort in events always wanted to be in a team of creative and like minded people Why should you be an Event Planner? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QpSvTXP8kWvYIK2sU1zB166oa-I2vN9bFMuEwyDZEnI/edit this is a big sim for the 501st or a event tbh never used this so yh Please provide an example of a medium-sized event gotta be atleast 15-20 min long and a bit of movement around the map but not the whole map example the CIS have taken over a Base near us and the republic are going to recapture it . adds CIS reinforcements as the republic are attacking Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
  16. In Game Name Inaudible Age 18 Timezone GMT SteamID STEAM_1:1:155754698 Discord Username JingleFlapps(CEO Of Homosex)#7722 Current Playtime 2 weeks 2 days 9 hours Previous Staff Experience I was a Senior EP on Aurora a few months back, I left and rejoined a couple times I think. I was also an admin on a very old now dead star wars server, that I can't remember the name of. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I enjoyed my time with the EP team, and now that I have a lot more free time I'd like to rejoin and help the server out. Why should you be an Event Planner? I have good experience and a reasonable track record from my time in the team previously, and I prefer making events to participating as it gives me a challenge of managing a lot of different things. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Pirates, led by a small band of bounty hunters (2 or 3) Land on Anaxes undetected, the pirates stand by ready to hyperspace into the airspace disguised as a civillian merchant ship so the bounty hunters can leave without a trace. As the Bounty hunters land a refugee takes notice and makes their way to the main gate, they make an open comms broadcast to the AC that she saw what appeared to be bounty hunters. The civillian will be shot as the main gate opens, base will be put on high alert and the bounty hunters will have to make their way into the base and assassinate a member of Army Command and steal valuable data. Possible situations include; Engine room sabotage, Comms Sabotage, Hangar sabotage so pilots are unable to take off unless engineers fix the hangars. If they are caught, they send a distress call and pirates hyperspace in and attack the base as a distraction. If the bounty hunters are interrogated they could reveal who paid them and it could lead to a planetary or a small event server mission to track them down. This event will require at least 3 ec's and should last around 30 minutes, depening on how it goes. Bounty hunters will have a Clone Trooper Disguise, outdated, easy to spot as fraud from close up but not at a distance. A hacking device, able to turn off the main base lights with a bit of hackerman rp. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
  17. Report post Posted 5 minutes ago Age(14+): 15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:553847139 Discord Name and ID: Jaeger#2862 What days can you be active throughout the week?: Most off the week depends on school IC: In-Game Name and Rank: PVT (Since their no one who can promote) What Commander Position are you applying for and Why do you want to become it?(100 Word Minimum): I feel like currently the 501st feels messy from what it could potentially be. I feel this is only the beginning, as if I was Commander I know I could steer this regiment the few degrees it needs in order to become even greater. Besides getting a battalion active, I know how to lead. I have big plans for the 501st as it can 100% be the strongest battalion on the server, we just need someone proficient to take charge. Another key reason why I want to be Commander is because I want to update a few things that are outdated as well as add new documents to help better our trainings/tryouts. As CMDR I plan on listening to everyone's problems and make sure that each side gets their say, without a middle ground, arguments will go on for hours eventually leading to someone's feelings getting hurt. With my activity I plan on resolving any and all problems I see within the 501st. What is the role of Commander?(Link this to the Commander Position you are applying for): To oversee the battalion doing any/all work behind the scenes along side the current Executive Officer. If someone from another branch has a problem, it should be brought through COC to you. The Commander should be making finalized decisions on anything relating to branch as well as an exceptional leader in combat as they are the role models. What can you bring to the Position of Commander?: I have been the Former Shock Commander and XO in ISC, also beening higher rank in other communities, such as being a VCMDR in STs and being Shock Captain Do you understand that Commander is a Serious Position that Requires Commitment?: Yes Do you have anything else you wish to say?: Nothing else
  18. In Game Name Jedi Palawan Kodashi In Game Playtime Idk like 2 weeks Which package are you buying or paid for? Custom Job Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:86464875 Custom Job Name Jedi Edward Job/Character Background Edward Eleyshe is human from Naboo born in 44 bby to an engineer/inventor. He is a descendant of the ancient Zakuul race and upon discovering his ancestry devoted a lot of his time to studying the history of the Zakuul. He was recognised at an early age to be force sensitive by the Jedi and was taken into the order. He was allowed by the Jedi order to continue research into the history and technology of the Zakuul. He has retrieved many artefacts dating back to the Eternal Empire and when he became a padawan he fashioned a mask reminiscent of the Zakuul Scion that he could use to interact with the technology around him. His mask acts as a HUD and it can connect to technology as a datapad would. He has a great interest in the history of the galaxy and in the nature of dark side users. He seeks to understand why individuals fall to the dark side and to discover ways of bringing them back to the light. His father was killed during the siege of theed and all of his work was later given to Edward Wanted Weapons Personal Lightsaber Wanted Equipment N/A Wanted Model models/player/swtor/arsenic/topher/male_scion.mdl https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1321970863 Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  19. Accepted Congratulations you have been accepted to becoming Shock Commander Please contact @jagaredfire as Soon as possible Date accepted: 23/03/2021
  20. Discord Name: Jaeger#2862 Ingame Name Jaeger Steam ID STEAM_0:1:553847139 Age 15 Time Zone GMT Total Time on Server Like Almost two week Warns/Bans None becausee that cool What days can you be active Almost everyday Do you have a working mic? Yes Do you understand you cannot be a staff member on another community? Yes Why would you like to join our staff team? (150 words minimum) I want Join the staff Team because I want try help Imperial as much as possible since Fire Has just got SV.M what pretty cool, and I want start staffing again for [AS], I Know Most the Old people in IMP and want make their new Transgression abit more easier then the last time, because when I was Staff before we almost had no Staff on since it was just me and Big Boi Fire, this would mean that people would have to wait along time for a staff come on and I all in honesty want play again and help Do you have any previous staff experience? Yes If answered yes above what communities where you in and what ranks have you achieved I was Staff In IMP before and I have been Staff on Gaminglight A user is RDMing and Insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? (75 words minimum) How would you handle someone that is Mass RDM'ing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? First Off I will teleport them somewhere were it doesn't interfere with RP And if they start running around and not listening, I would freeze them in place with my Physgun so they cant run away. If they start swearing at me I will try to calm them down, so I can speak with them Like a proper human being. But If they continue to swear at me I will just gag them and explain to them why they are here. Then I will check logs to prove that they where indeed Mass RDM'ing And if they were indeed Mass RDM'ing I will ungag them and ask them for their side of the story but if they continue to swear at me I will just gag them again Then give them a warning for staff Disrespect and then Get A higher ranking staff member to come and give them The appropriate Ban but if Its less than than 4 people Then they would receive A Warning + Jail Using This Command- !jail <player> <time in seconds> A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? (75 words minimum) however it is incredibly unprofessional to argue in front of DBs due to the fact there are most likely new players present and will get a negative first impression of the server so i will say in OOC, please take this argument to DMs or end it all together, and if they still keep going I will Give them both a warning and if they continuing I just kick them for ignoring my previous warns A Cadet has been complaining and wondering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He seems like a minge to you and you're not sure if he is really here to play. What do you do? (75 words minimum) I would First do !Spectate <Name> Cadet and watch him see if he is new and doesn't know what happening but if it appears he is mining and knows what happening I would bring him back to the spawn him, and Help him thought the Self Training, and if he continues to minge I will give him a verbal warn asking him to stop and if he keep going I will warn him, and if he continues to ignore my warning it will be a kick.
  21. Denied Between the date of the application and this time you have not been on a suitable amount of time to warrant a promotion to Navy.
  22. Apologies, the way it was formulated it looked like you put minus points
  23. I never said you weren't active โ€ฆ.. when I say active I mean active, if I said you are not active I would put Inactive K?
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