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  2. +1 has experience as an ep and has good detail
  3. In Game Name CG Haze/Levi Age 21 Timezone BST SteamID STEAM_0:0:48973022 Discord Username Levi.#6782 Current Playtime Just under 4 months Previous Staff Experience AS Admin AS Event Manager AS Server Manager AS Community Manager Why do you want to join the Event Team? Would like to contribute some spare time to helping out, would enjoy doing a few planetaries. It allows me some time to do something other than spend time with regiment during planetaries and show a bit of creativeness. Alot of friends are in the EP team and I wish to reconnect with some and assist where necessary. Why should you be an Event Planner? I have a lot of experience and feel that its being wasted not using some of my time to contribute towards a team. I would like to help a CW team and feel EP team is most important as I have always previously said. I can do planetaries, operations and base attacks (have never been a fan of doing passives) with ease and can even find ways to turn my planetaries into operations. Whilst not doing this, can happily help other EPs with their endeavors and provide another opinion on suggestions and such. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Base Attack - Mandolorian Kidnapping CIS attack main base with alot of forces, they attack the FOBs, AHB and MHB/LS. Forces strong enough to overrun the Republic but are eventually help off. I would request two ECs to play as Commando Droids and make attempts to take turns after every death to take a room of interest such as RR, Medbay, Server Room/ATC, brig etc. After them ultimately failing and remainder of CIS forces are destroyed. Nearby Mandolorians will hear of the attack and speak in RP with CIS command wishing for an opportunity to impress them. Mandolorians understand that rather than attempting to gain info from multiple rooms they can get all the info they need from an AC member. They make an attempt to enter main base whilst on BS1 without using cloaks and will attempt to kidnap an AC member without being seen. If they are unsuccessful we can send in the 2 ECs and myself as a trio of mandolorians to attempt to put up a fight, if they are successful then we can enter a hostage situation at an FOB and when the Republic have us surrounded, CIS send reinforcements keeping all other troops busy whilst 104th negotiate. Can turn this into a planetary by having a mando escape with stolen info and planning to sell it to CIS, or maybe the mandos can escape planet with kidnapped AC. Can turn this into an operation by having both of the above happen but two different planets. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
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  5. Accepted Welcome to the EP team! A mentor will contact you as soon as possible. Got any questions? feel free to ask.
  6. In Game Name Army RCD SGT Phil Age 17 Timezone CEST SteamID STEAM_0:1:244228659 Discord Username [ 𝗣𝗵𝗶𝗹 ]#0825 Current Playtime 1mo 2w 2d 6h Previous Staff Experience I have previous experience on this server with planning and helping with events. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the Event planner team because I have got more time for it now and because. I think it would be good fun helping the event team out again. Why should you be an Event Planner? I should be an event planner because of my previous experience on the server with help and making events to make them as enjoyable as I can. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Medium base attack/Passive A small fleet of scavenger ships arrive at Farm. A group of men start digging around the place trying to find something. the farmers at Farms report in to the Republic that there is a strange group trying to find something at Farms When the Republic arrives new scavenger ships arrive and start taking down the other ships and taking Farm by force. [1] The Republic can fight off the remaining forces at Farm, saving the farmers. [2] They can negotiate with the scavengers to find more info. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Republic will start making their way over to CT and RF where the remaining forces of the scavengers have gone to or Have been sent there with information from the scavengers that the ships before were traitors of their group. When they arrive at RF they find the Traitor leader. [1] interrogate the Leader before handing them over. Learning that the scavenger group is a mostly pirate organization that is responsible for numerous crimes. And that the traitor leader wanted to quit and tried to find secret docs about the organization where enough information where they can get help from others to take it down [2] give the leader to the scavenger group ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ after they arrive at Farm if they give over the traitor leader they will kill him and plant bombs around Farms for them to make a get away. Or they will help the traitor leader with taking down the organization and save the farmers at Farm. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
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  8. Accepted Congratulations and thank you for applying! Your application has been accepted, we'll be in touch shortly! 😃
  9. Your ban appeal has been ACCEPTED. The situation regarding this is somewhat confusing due to the length of time that has passed. Due to what you have said and the fact you have already served a significant time, I'm happy for you to be unbanned.
  10. As for your weapons you have an extra 2 which you would have to pay an additional £10 if you wasn't aware its £5 each per extra weapon or equipment. assuming youve read the rules
  11. Are you able to provide us the model code of the yellow and white one please?
  12. Accepted Welcome to the EP team! A mentor will contact you as soon as possible. Got any questions? feel free to ask.
  13. In Game Name 212th GC G5-SM SGT 5357 Bolt In Game Playtime 4D 23H 21m Which package are you buying? And has it been paid for? Custom job and not yet Discord name Finchy256#0518 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:53367854 Custom Job Name 7th squad Vanguard Job/Character Background Iron was a member of a 7th squad strike team, the group was formed just after the first battle of geonosis and fought as part of a detachment of the 212th until they were wiped out after their mission to learn more about the new BX droid type was discovered. Only Iron managed to crawl away to exfil to get medically treated. Wanted Weapons westar m5 Scatter Shotgun Rps (optional) Breach charge (optional) willing to discuss loadout and equipment Wanted Equipment Grapplehook + jump boost Wanted Model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2524544729 yellow and white version if possible Do you accept all of the rules associated with donating for a custom job and the Aurora Servers terms and conditions of donating? Yes
  14. In Game Name TonyIsTheGuy Age 28 TimeZone GMT+0 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:39318243 Discord Name TonyIsTheGuy#9809 Current Playtime 0 Previous Experience Galactic Networks - Event Planner Aurora Servers - Senior Event Planner Aurora Servers - Imperial Event Planner Prestige Alliance - Administrator / Helped/Headed Up Events. Why do you want to join the entertainment team? Well I have experience in both the most popular game modes in reference to Clone Wars and Imperial event Planning and have been following the Updates and possible release dates of the JvS server which peaked my interesting, I enjoy writing stories and doing event chains/campaigns. What can you bring to the team? Why should you be apart of the team? I believe I can bring along my Roleplay experiences mostly as a player to the team, I understand what a user might want from an event since a lot of my hours spent on SWRP was from the view of just a basic User of the server, as well as my continued experience of writing Campaigns and short stories for a multitude of events I have done. Mostly however I believe most of all I am a team player, meaning I can work well with others which I feel is the real need inside most event teams, due to most being out of communication with one another, it is one of the most important parts of working in a group. Are you able to learn new skills / tools? Yes How good are you with people? Most would say I am fairly good with people, I work in retail in real life, so conversing with People such as Customers and event staff is a needed, especially when you manage said people. Are you able to work around player made decisions and improvise when needs be? Yes Provide an example of a medium sized quest for any faction, please talk about the plot, player made decisions, how it will be done and whats needed etc Sith - An Acolyte has been rumoured to be practicing the Lightside of the Force, Members of the Sith Temple are required to find the traitor, where he is going, finding anyone that maybe sympathetic to their cause, capture, torture, then kill them for betraying the Empire. < - A lot of this would obviously be Roleplay based, with element of Lightsaber Combat, depending on when they move on the Acolyte, moving too soon will spook the Acolyte and they'd fail, jumping late will mean two Jedi EC's to come out of the surroundings and attack the group of Sith, with various consequences built to plan if anything goes sideways, Such as the Acolyte dying without Torture, bringing him back with Sith Alchemy in an attempt to involve all Classes. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position. Yes
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  16. In Game Name Lunatic Age 14 Timezone GMT SteamID STEAM_0:0:526515856 Discord Username Lunatic#1229 Current Playtime 5 hours 20 mins Previous Staff Experience I have had experience in a position like this on multiple server I know how to do fun story-driven events, I plan to be on every day doing events daily these are things you can expect from me I hope to make it so everyone can have a good time with immersive story-driven events and then blasting some droids you can expect experience with this I am also willing to learn new stuff I did not know before I hope to join the event planner team I hope you take my experience into consideration I understand I have low playtime but I am sure my experience will make up for that Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to do my bit for the community and make sure everyone is having fun Why should you be an Event Planner? I think I would be a good fit for the EP Team because of my understanding of the roleplay on the server. I know that all events can’t be just shoot shoot pew pew, but have a reason for the action you do and why you did it. Everything should be done for a reason and not just be “Because you can”. While being an EP I have seen how EPs plan, work, and execute events. I have taken note of how some of them improvise and adapt to situations that come up while running something. The event can’t be a set plan but has to be able to be adapted to how players RP/Interact with it. After being on the server I have a variety of combat and passive events. I have come up with multiple event ideas to run on the server. With the lack of passive and just events in general having more variety and events is what is The last thing that is needed. to say is my goal will be to make the enjoyment of everyone on the server 10x better. I want to have regiments used for their specific purpose during events. This means doing more coordination with republic command and having mission briefings become a regular thing. 104th could do some engineering RP that was planned out for them it will be much more enjoyable than if it didn’t happen. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Droid take a few civilians hostage in Wookie village and we send out negotiations to for them back depending on what happens if negotiations fail and the clones attack the hostages die if they are successful the droids give back the hostages for say credits and they pretend to leave the planet before sneaking on the base through the pipes where they try to take someone important hostage the only way they get them back if they give the CIS something on the planet such as farms or RF if not they do a small innovation if that fails they leave the planet. Another event I plan to do *This event would take 5 Weeks to fully be put into effect* [Part 1] {Prior to player RP} Starting on a random Friday a Shipment Officer from Coruscant will arrive in High Orbit of the Anaxes Shipyards and prepare supply runs to different sectors of the planet. One of these locations would be Fort Anaxes. The Shipment Officer 30 Minutes prior to arrival (30 Minutes till the event starts) would inform the Commanding Officer of the base of his arrival. Republic Command could do what they want with this information and either prepare a squad to get the supplies or do nothing. {Player RP} After those 30 Minutes, two LAAT/i Gunships filled with supplies (3 Boxes in each) would enter the airspace around the base. They would transmit clearance codes and request to land on the airstrip. This is where player interaction begins. Likely people would swarm the LAATs in the interest of what is going on. The Shipment Officer would assign Troopers to bring the Boxes to six locations around the base. 1) [Medical Supplies] would be brought to the Medbay 2) [Ship Parts] would be brought to Aux Hangars 3) [Ammo and Weapons] Would be brought to the second floor of Armory 4) [New Pipes and Tech stuff] Would be brought to GR for the 104th 5) [Rations] would be brought to Mess Hall 6) [Screens and Systems] would be brought to CB After all, boxes are reported safely in the correct locations the LAATs would depart back to the Acclimator for a second supply run somewhere else. For the next 3 Fridays, the same process would repeat with the same Shipment Officer coming and going. The supplies could be the same or different it depends on each week. One week the shipment officer will contact the base and see what supplies they need and then arrive with them. The point of repeating the event for a few weeks is to have a few passive events and to have people not always expect combat when an event starts. [Part 2] {Prior to RP} The CIS has taken note of these scheduled supply runs and decides to set up an ambush. As usual, the arrival of the supplies is alerted to the base 30 Minutes before and troopers wait. Coincidentally 4 Civilians at Farms are opening up shops at farms. The civilian's shops would be run and operated like any other event with shops with nothing special happening with them. Likely republic personnel would travel out the Farms and go see what they were up to. With some troopers outside the base and some at the base, the CIS takes this as the perfect time to strike. {Player RP} With Troopers outside of the base and the LAATs Incoming, 4 Vulture Droids (AI) Would fly in the air and target the ships. After about ten seconds two frigates would jump in over base and start using the surprise attack to push as far in as possible. The supply convey would get shot down and would go comms silent. From here it depends on how players react and how fast people RTB and report to Battlestations. While the battle on airstrip was going on a squad of 4 BX Droids would try to enter through Aux and make their way to CB (If Aux is closed they can attempt through MHB). This is an if, then situation. If they are all killed before reaching CB they have failed their objective. If they make it up to CB and into the Intelligence room and can start the data download then they have to hold out and get out with the Data in hand. With the supplies down and Data retrieved the CIS would drop one last wave of droids and then retreat back away from the base and use it for future engagements. {Passive RP & Aftermath} With the CIS gone, the supply officer would send out a distress beacon over by comms tower. At the crash site, only one of the pilots had survived alongside him. Most likely a patrol/rescue team would go out to recover them. Upon arriving only 1 LAAT would be left broken beyond repair and both survivors are in critical condition. The goal would be to return both to the medbay and perform medrp to see if they can return home or be another dead body in the war. IF they both survive they would both return to the acclamator in orbit. IF The pilot dies a LAAT sent from the Acclamator will retrieve the Shipment Officer. IF The Shipment Officer dies the Pilot will take a LAAT and return to the Acclamtor in orbit. If both die then nothing returns back up. With the battle concluded the Acclamator prepares for another shipment next week. [Summary] Total of 5 events over the course of 5 weeks (x4 Passive x1 Combat) Total of 11 ECs over the course of 5 weeks (x3 Republic x4 Neutral x4 CIS) [Part 1] x4 Events (All Passive) x3 Event Characters (All Republic) x1 Shipment Officer x2 Pilots [Part 2] x1 Event (Combat) x11 Event Characters x2 Pilots (Same as Part 1) x1 Shipment Officer (Same as Part 1) x4 Civilians x4 BX Commando Droids The civilians and BXs would be played by the same people, after troopers left farms the civis would go to GM Room and switch over to the BXs and deploy. My entire idea around this event is to have a story that continues over time, is passive, and each time the supplies arrive but there is no combat you can trust that no combat will happen until the final event. Having events that connect into a story is something that interests me and this idea was just something I thought could go well without having much error or change of plans on both sides to make the event run smoothly. My other idea of having the civilians pop up as part of the event is something I think would be a realistic situation. The republic would be dealing with multiple things at once instead of just having one thing going on at a time. Having both going gives different RP for different players and also shows to never let your guard down as we are still in a warzone. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
  17. Your application has been accepted. You will be contacted by myself in Discord momentarily.
  18. In Game Name countryroads Discord Username CountryRoads#6858 Banning member of staff memeti How long is the ban? perm Reason for Ban doxing LTAP LTARP NITRP ect Why should you be unbanned? well i got banned mainly for doxing i think and that essentially consisted of saying spoodas first name which is utter shit for a perm dox ban as it was just in casual conversation and had no malicious intent. furthermore it says LTAP even though i wasnt aware of any staff sit and the server was so underpopulated at the time i dont even think there was any staff on to do a sit in the first place and i dont know why NITRP is there because i was.
  19. Custom Job Name Lore Char Fives/Jesse + ARC Discord Name 501st Commander Rex Regiment/Group 501st Upload Reference (See Above) Head Slot ARC Head Attachment Viewfinder Helmet Sunvisor (If Applicable) No Shoulder Slot ARC Pauldron Back Slot ARC Backpack Torso Slot ARC Chestplate Waist Slot Kama Anything Else? Fives: We are trying to change the shoulders from blue with blue stripes to white with blue stripes. ARC pauldron to made grey from blue. The stripes on the boots need to go all the way around, and the white stripe on the kneecap need to be removed. Elbow pads need to have his dark blue stripes removed. We aren't sure for the head attachment on which one is the ARC antenna. ARC: Also the ARC Backpack needs to be added to all ARC jobs. Jesse: Needs to have his shoulder from blue to white with a blue stripe.
  20. In Game Name 104TH RSL R2-FCPL SGTM BOOST Age 16 Timezone GMT SteamID STEAM_0:1:204473252 Discord Username FallFaun#9378 Current Playtime 1W 5D 13M Previous Staff Experience I have been staff on a couple of MC servers in the past, i would like to do more staff roles though and im willing to learn Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples RDM stands for Random death match were someone will attack and in cases kill another person randomly with any reason at all One expamle:could be to people fighting over a ship on the same team and they start shooting each other this would be RDM and its not aloud in many servers Another example:would be someone going around say the base and shooting and killing people with out a reason or permission this would be RDM as it would be mindless killing Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples FailRP would be someone doing something very unrealistic in the game Example: such as a hostage situiation if someone wanted to buy a hostage they wouldn't kill the hostage and hostage taker then talking about pizza IRL Example:if someone comes up to you in a trense situation and starts talking about what there going order tonight IRL Why would you like to join our staff team? I would like to join the staff team as i love the server and i would like to make it even better by taking care of it when i can i hope to make it better for the staff team as well. Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community? Yes Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank just the VIP benefits you will be removed? Yes
  21. Your application has been accepted. You will be contacted by myself in Discord momentarily.
  22. Accepted A mentor will contact you as soon as possible
  23. Accepted A mentor will contact you as soon as possible
  24. In-Game Name Krieg Discord Name feeblecash82274#2524 Regiment/Group 212th Upload Reference (See Above) Head Slot ARF Head Attachment None Helmet Sunvisor (If Applicable) No Shoulder Slot ARC Pauldron Back Slot None Torso Slot Insignia with Band Waist Slot Kama Anything Else? all the white replaced with black and all the orange changed to the ghost company shade of orange pretty much same with the kama gray on the left side of the pauldron and black on the other + a blue visor . this is for ghost company lead
  25. In Game Name CG TF2 Age 17 Timezone GMT SteamID STEAM_0:0:118430525 Discord Username Tf2sfmbro#0876 Current Playtime 1w 6w 10h 59m Previous Staff Experience I have been basically every rank in staff, as well as being event staff, both on other servers. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the event staff team because I personally really love to tell a story, and think that joining the team here will let me do that. The fact that I have always had a blast any time I've made an event and I think the fact I can have fun as well as the players is all the more reason to join. Why should you be an Event Planner? I should be an event planner because I am able to come up with interesting stories very quickly and develop them into entertaining events, I am a bit rusty since I haven't been in a staff position in a long time but I do have the technical skills to back it up, having a decent knowledge of the tool gun and the ability to use it. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event RF goes radio silent, AC sends out a scouting party to check it out, they find that the CIS has taken it over and is rapidly setting up an FOB, an MTT moves out from RF towards comms, depending on the response time of the troopers the CIS could take control of comms, calling a fleet in for an assault, Munis above base, RAD, RF and AHB, droppods ensue, the MTT moves to the front gate of the base, and begins deploying more units, big fight, AATs are sent in, the republic pushes them back, no retreat, big win. If I wanted to turn this into the start of a story, I'd have a CIS scientist download data from RF, upload it, then try to escape, giving the troopers a chance to capture them, after a bit of tort- I mean, "interrogation", the scientist would give up the fact they were ordered to download the data for a secret project, they weren't told much for security reasons, this both incentivises the base to investigate further and gives me more time to flesh out a proper storyline. Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
  26. In Game Name CG HP-O R3-FCPL CPL 3992 Ironside Age 26 Timezone GMT SteamID STEAM_0:1:48317759 Discord Username Ironside#6840 Current Playtime 1 month 1 week 2 days Previous Staff Experience I used to be a previous SEP for Aurora before taking time away from the server. Event Manager for a small Community called Athena Networks. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the Event Planner Team due to my interest back into a Story driven Roleplay experience not only during events but giving players something to do while they server is building up during the day. Why should you be an Event Planner? I should be picked for Event Planner because I am a returning Senior Event Planner, Meaning I still do understand what is needed of me and how to use the correct tools for the correct scenarios. Please provide an example of a medium-sized event Don't know if this is classed as a Medium Event but hey... ( Part I ) Aurora Anaxes intercepts a encrypted messaged between two CIS Outposts "Captain Bruxo - General your resupply is on course to your location, however they have to fly very close to the Republic held planet of Anaxes. I have assigned my Tactical Droid, Over" "General Grimbeard - We need that supplement now Captain, do not fail me!" *The Republic gets prepared pulling its interceptors into close range as the Transports come into Distance* *Munificent Fleet hyperspaces above Anaxes* *The Munificent Fleet will send down an Attack party to try and keep the republic busy, meanwhile the Republic are a step ahead and send Republic Commandos up to the Command Munificent and take over ( Not destroy)* (Part II ) Using the newly taken over Munificent Command Vessel the Republic will attack General Grimbeard's location "General Grimbeard - Tactical Droid 232, I see you've arrived safely, send your clearance codes." "Tactical Droid 232 - Clearance Code 23904 - We'v... Been. Boa..... (RC Destroy the Droid before it can finish)" "General Grimbeard - Its the Republic! Set up defensive positions now!" *As the General watchs as the Munificent blows up as Several LAAt/is fly though and drop the the Clones.* Objective - Take over the CIS Compound and Secure the General Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position? Yes
  27. For the RDM one i accidently deleted the question so i had to redo it thats why it might be bad i was kinda sad
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